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The Gospel of Louis

(The Rise and Fall of a Fake, Modern Moses)

Published in 2019 by Beacon Publishing Group


The most ancient rocks in the state of Utah stand just north of Salt Lake City in a range that includes the Sessions Mountains, named after a Mormon pioneer who led wagon trains, married eight women, and helped to build what was hoped to be a holy settlement that would speed the earthly arrival of certain Biblical figures now consigned to the realm of myth.
More than a century later, a few miles from these mountains, a descendant of this pioneer was born and raised, very much in the residue of the turbocharged religious atmosphere of the frontier settlement. Daniel attended the University of Utah and wrote for the school newspaper; he was particularly pleased to do a story on local Iraqi exiles, some of whom nearly overthrew Saddam Hussein in a revolt following Operation Desert Storm. Daniel graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
His debut novel is the product of more than a decade of vision and revision, costing the author something of a nervous breakdown about five years into the effort, his brain simply declaring a writer’s strike. Major influences on the book include Kafka, Chomsky, the Bible, and hundreds of hikes on the ancient rocks along the Sessions Mountains.

Anti-Christ preaching with guidance from Devil, who advises, "Hook 'em with the truth, get 'em to invest their $ and time and identity, and soon the truth won't matter--they'll begin to swallow absurd-

ities, then they'll commit atrocities."

Blazing Eye

The Gospel of Louis: The Rise and Fall of a Fake, Modern Moses

Sensing early that a destiny of immense importance must lie in store for him, Louis Koenig rejects the small and silly life of his so-called peers in a satisfied town in the Rockies, and dedicates himself to bringing out his genius. But his failure to convert seething impulse into art threatens to crush him, and an enigmatic figure arrives with an offer that a desperate Louis cannot refuse. His meteoric rise begins with his production of a book revealing the return of Jesus Christ: a lowlife radical whose voice of new scripture lashes America’s prosperous and powerful in their pursuit of profit and empire. This portrait inspires the formation of a camp of lowlifes around Louis, who proceeds to enjoy the benefits of playing sun to lost planets. When he leads this fan club to a wild and secluded patch of Africa—where the interests behind him can reign freely over his captive audience—a thousand pioneers blaze past the frontiers of human experience into realms foreseen by prophets, poets, and crackpots.

Wooden House in the Forest

Small Title


Seems like Rome...

or perhaps her equal in some future time.


Upon the forehead of the rider was

written a name of secret meaning.

Filthy intercourse with tyrants...

Masses made drunk by her...

Saints eliminated...       who coul  

Upon the forehead of the rider was

written a name of secret meaning.

Filthy intercourse with tyrants...

Masses made drunk by her...

Saints eliminated...      Who could she be? 

Upon the forehead of the rider was written a name of SECRET meaning.

*Filthy intercourse with tyrants

*Masses made drunk

*Saints terminated

Can you solve the mystery of the scarlet harlot?


Oh, Bull of the Market! Your wellness is our wellness. If you suddenly need $700 billion at a moment's notice, say no more. We will always bail out Baal. We will watch your mysterious health by the microsecond. We will call you freedom. Let those who serve other gods make wealth by labor, and let thy servants make wealth by money. 

And the gods went down to see the city and the tower. They saw that nothing the people imagined was restrained.

And the gods confounded the people, that the tower reached not unto heaven. 


I beheld the mother of abominations 

riding the beast. 

She held forth a golden goblet filled

with the blood of saints.

With kings she commits fornication...

She commits idolatry and fornication

with the kings of the earth

and reigns over them.

The people of the earth are drunk on

the wine she brings.


All right everyone, put the cow away, it looks like Moses is back with a bunch of commandments for us.


Let us build a city and a tower whose top reaches heaven. For we have the means given us to do such things. Have we not built a bomb that can disappear cities? Have we not placed a man upon the moon? Have we not learned the recipe for a human being? Let us build a human whose mind touches heaven and whose body is without malformation.  




        We may be dumb

       but we're not stupid.

            Right Ollie?

        I'm not sure, Stanley.

   Didn't we just spend all our       savings at that wealth-creation   seminar at the Marriott?  Oh!! 


   As a good American, you'll need

to understand what the hell the '60s

were all about. Well, here's a short video on YouTube called "Where No Flag Burns" that'll blow your   mind.....whooaa!! 


As a good American, I do not protest.  When authority acts, the thinking has been done. I'm happy I don't have to struggle about right and wrong. Feels good to know that authority has my best interest in mind....    

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"Every time I try to learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Like the time I took that home wine-making course and forgot how to drive."

Homer Simpson


Government research

on the subject is surprising

and well documented.

Consult Mojmir Babacek's

Psychoelectronic Threat

to Democracy

   Or don't check it out...

                 I don't give a rat's

Gee Dad...

What's all this I see on TV and in the papers about Bioelectric Entrainment?

Well Beav, a neuron's impulse transmission normally arises from natural stimulus, such as input from the sensory organs; but a neuron can be made to fire by artificial stimulus as well: electromagnetic energy directed at the neuron. You see Beav, the particular frequency of a neuron's electrical impulses gives rise to a particular physiological state, such as a mood. To produce a desired mood in a target individual or population, an electromagnetic signal is broadcast which matches the frequency of neural firing associated with the desired mood.

Now Beav, I realize that folks like Eddie Haskell will find this hard to accept. They may even laugh at it. You know son, I remember when scientists in the 1930's suggested that nuclear fission might produce a bomb capable of leveling an entire city, but many of the folks working on the Manhattan Project never expected the bomb to work--right up until it did.   


Adam, honey, I think you should take Mr. Snake up on his offer. Do you want to stay in this lousy paradise forever?


JERUSALEM -- A preacher from Nazareth overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple. "This is supposed to be a house of prayer," he yelled, "but you have made it a house of business!" Fashioning a whip from some cords, he drove the money changers out of the temple. He is now under psychiatric observation. 

"We are serving God by providing worshipers with the shekels needed to purchase animals for sacrifice," said one changer.  

"They charge fees to worship at God's house, it's quite a nice racket," said a worshiper. "It's part of the larger corruption we have to live with here. The chief priests enjoy great privilege; Rome is their protector because chief priests keep down preachers."


    Before the First World War, Wall Street infiltrated the leftist movement in the USA to steer thinking toward pro-British intervention and away from radicalism. In 1914 J.P. Morgan agent Willard Straight founded The New Republic magazine. Consult Georgetown University historian Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy and Hope." 

    In the 1960's the CIA created leftist organizations in Ecuador to attract reformers and misdirect their efforts, according to Philip Agee, CIA agent on scene.

    The CIA used the US Information Agency and the Congress for Cultural Freedom to plant disinformation and propaganda in news media. Reagan's National Security Council used the Office of Public Diplomacy to plant articles in news media. For extensive documentation of the covert war to win the hearts and minds of the world to capitalism, consult William Blum's  "Killing Hope."  





      I am General Smedley Butler. I was the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. I          held the highest rank possible. I'm here to tell you WAR is a RACKET. My distinguished career was spent as a thug for big business. In 1935 I said, “I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I      operated on three continents.” In 1934 I testified before Congress that an agent of U.S. business and banking interests approached me with a startling offer: that I lead an army   of veterans in the takeover of the U.S. federal government, ousting President Roosevelt     and his New Deal. An investigation by Congress concluded that this plot was in fact             planned and possibly actionable upon the GO-signal of its financial backers. 

Ah grow up, kiddies. Conspiracies ain't real! There's gotta' be someone who can't keep the thing a secret; so where are these insiders crying foul and spilling the beans? 

eddie (2).png

Dept. of Defense

Operation Northwoods

                      Pentagon plans

              for getting Americans to

       think Cuba needs to be attacked:

  >US could stage an attack on its own

    base in Guantanamo using exiles

     >US could blow up its own ship in

      Guantanamo Bay

        >US could stage terrorist attacks

          in Miami and Washington, DC

           >US could stage hijackings

             and attacks on American


capitalism (2).jpg

All is well: 'tis the free market. Now fatten me or starve!

I deserve my caviar.

I'm a risk taker. I'm an innovator.

The government bails you out and develops your 

technology. Your contrib-

ution is greed.

Christ sale!

Our position is unassailable.

A successful revolt would be

met by a nuclear response as

we watch from our bunkers. 


The agricultural revolution ten thousand years ago saw women sowing the earth, and from the womb of Mother Earth came crops. With the onset of the animal-drawn plow six thousand years ago, men's contribution to the process entered the picture, and Mother Earth gained a partner whose mythical death was evident after harvest and whose glorious return was celebrated as spring. Mesopotamian Inanna or Ishtar is without her husband Dumuzid or Tammuz in the dry season, which he spends in the underworld, to rise again with the grain and flooding rivers of springtime. The Canaanites knew him as Adonai (Lord).

Egyptian Isis is the earth that is fertilized by Osiris the Nile, whose seasonal flooding brings soil nutrients. Osiris the Grain is cut down at harvest and is reassembled in spring by the care of Isis. Worshipers believe his resurrection  blazed their path to an afterlife of perfected Egypt. Osiris is the virility of the bull and the goat, and this potency manifests in flood-fertilized fields and in the power of Pharaoh. Isis, with cow horns, is generous mother of the child Horus, as generous as the soil along the Nile.    


The Phrygian (eastern Greek) Mother Earth is Cybele, called Our Lady by her worshipers. Her companion is Attis, whose genital mutilation and death are associated with the end of the growing season, and whose resurrection is celebrated with the return of green fields in the spring. His priests assure his followers: "The god is saved--so also are you!" 

cer (2).jpg

The most popular Greek deity was likely Dionysos, The Vine. Like Osiris, Dionysos is violently dismembered, later to be reassembled by his team-mate Mother Earth, the grain goddess Demeter. His resurrection is celebrated with the springtime growth of grapevines. His followers drink and eat their god to gain his presence in them: a goat or bull is broken apart as Dionysos and is consumed with the blood of grapes.    


Around the time of Christ, a secretive cult appears. Very popular with Roman soldiers, it centers on the sacrifice of a bull by a figure associated with the sun. The worshipers of Mithras partake of a meal of bull (or bread) and wine, through which they achieve communion with their god. The rite scandalizes Christians for its similarity to their consumption of the body and blood of their sacrificed god. 

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